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Josh 'Pinky' Watkins

A young man who quietly encouraged the strength in others.Who loved his greyhounds. Who loved his family and friends.

A young man whose passing will mean something to people who never knew him.
After nearly 10 years and 200 dogs, we have been inspired by Josh’s family to push harder for the hounds and offer a welcoming avenue for greyhound trainers and owners to rehome their four legged friends at the end of their racing careers.

We are self-funded and rely heavily on the kindness of others, be it dog food, collars, blankets or financial assistance.

Please see our ‘How You Can Help’ page if you think you can help the hounds.

Want to foster?

Great! We would love to hear from you! Anybody with a fenced yard can be a suitable foster carer. Have a chat to us today to find out more.

Our biggest aim aside from rehomings is to continue the positive promotion of this breed as one of the most wonderful family pets you could imagine. We are PRO REHOMING.

Thank you so much for your time. If you ever want to meet any of the hounds or need to rehome any of your racing dogs, drop us a line or give us a call 0420 947 937

For Sale To Help The Hounds

Purchase one of these locally hand made, anti-slip martingale collars for your four legged mate and all proceeds go to the hounds!

Available in 1” or 2” (2” recommended for sight hounds and larger breeds).

Your choice of colours is as per the photo.

All $20 each plus postage.

Order today by contacting us here or calling 0420 947 937.